Fonzie Abbott Coffee Roasters Fox Street Factory

While it’s likely you’ve sampled Fonzie Abbott coffee from its Hamilton and James Street espresso bars, or one of its many stockists, Fox Street Factory is where the magic really happens. The Fonzie Abbott guys have been roasting at the Albion site for quite some time now, but have decided to open up the doors to the public, with the addition of a cafe at the front. Fox Street Factory’s main purpose is retail and wholesale – here coffee enthusiasts can pick up all of their coffee paraphernalia, from KeepCups and Chemexes to hand grinders, Fonzie Abbott apparel and, of course, coffee beans. On the cafe menu you’ll find a restrained selection of snacks – coffee is the real hero here – such as in-house freshly made Bagel Boys bagels, toasted flatbreads and daily baked muffins. To drink, Fonzie Abbott’s signature Highside blend is offered alongside a Blend of the Month and seasonal line-up of single origins, as well as bottles of Tomahawk cold brew and Royal Tea brews.


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