Fat Belly Jack’s

Fat Belly Jack’s is an American-inspired bar that specialises in Nashville-style hot chicken, American bourbon and boilermakers. The chicken is cooked by the quarter on the bone, and served with sauce that escalates in heat for a zingy kick. Select from southern-fried chicken burgers, breasts, thighs, wings or tenders, then ratchet up the spice from mild, to medium, red hot and ‘really f$!king hot’. Crinkle-cut fries with spicy salt, bacon-fried greens, Memphis slaw, buttery creamed corn and mac’n’cheese are available as sides, but the perfect accompaniment is a drink to help ease the heat. Fat Belly Jack’s offers a stellar selection of boilermaker pairings, American whisky and bourbon, supported by tap and bottled beer, wine, spirits and a forthcoming list of classic American cocktails.


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