El Camino Cantina South Bank

You don’t need to be a Jimmy Buffett fan to appreciate the inherent magic of a margarita, but if you need a bit more evidence proving why the cocktail is perennially awarded the title of drink of the summer (everyone’s saying it, not just us) indulge in some citrus-laced euphoria at El Camino Cantina’s two-level margarita manor in South Bank. Rockpool Dining Group’s beloved colour-soaked and festively lit Tex-Mex concept replaced Munich Brauhaus on Stanley Street Plaza in late 2020, swapping steins and pork knuckles for tequila, tacos and sizzling chargrilled fajitas. This is El Camino Cantina’s largest Brisbane location, with hundreds of seats spread across a breezy umbrellaed outdoor dining area, a ground-floor diner catering to 120 guests and Hotel Diablo – an upper-floor dining and live-entertainment space big enough to house a whipping 250 seats. Alongside El Camino’s signature vibrant decor and party vibes, the venue dishes out its signature menu of Tex-Mex morsels, including eight kinds of tacos, spicy buffalo wings, loaded nachos, bottomless corn chips and more. Naturally margaritas are a big focus, with a host of flavours available frozen, on the rocks, Cadillac-style with a float of Grand Marnier. Add sangria, cocktails, wine, ample tequilas and mezcals, and a range of imported beers and you’ve got all the makings of a fiesta. Hotel Diablo will also host live performances from bands and DJs, so be sure to check the venue’s social-media accounts for show announcements.


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