Dutch Courage

Huddled beside Kwan Brothers, Alfredo’s Pizzeria and Alfred & Constance in Fortitude Valley, Dutch Courage offers an extensive line-up of spirits, cocktails & exotic comfort food. We’re not talking a few bottles gracing the shelves – this venue boasts more than 120 gins! Inspired by the invention of the gin & tonic in the late 19th century and the officers who stuck to the rules by day but got wild in the mess halls by night, the venue encourages local comrades to hang up their pith helmets and unwind with a premium beverage. Choose from a creative cocktail along the lines of a salted caramel & passionfruit Werther’s Original, the coconut, rum-based Krak Cokeaine or an infinite number of negroni and martini variations. The range of gins is divided into floral, citrus, spicy, juniper, savoury and other, with helpful tasting notes for the ginovices, and five tonics to choose from. In terms of food, gin-filled bellies can feast on Moroccan-inspired dishes such as 18-hour ras el hanout beef ribs, lamb shoulder tagine or if undecided, go for the chef’s selection 5 course ‘Feed Me’ banquet.


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