Delta Continental Food

It can be an arduous task scouring the shelves of gourmet delicatessens and grocers for an obscure ingredient or rare produce – it can sometimes take the fun out of creative cooking entirely. Thankfully, there is one destination that is known to be reliable when it comes to hard to find goods with a Middle Eastern and European bent and that spot is Delta Continental Foods in West End. The façade fronting Vulture Street shows off what to expect inside, with pictures of olives, cheeses, meats and pastries adorning the blue covering. Inside one is greeted by shelves and fridges packed floor to ceiling with products of all kinds, as well as a deli counter showing off an impressive range of goods. Sacks of coffee beans, baskets of produce and fridges of cheese are all at your fingertips, with smoked meats and spices, herbs, canned goods with a Mediterranean focus also available.


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