Craft Wine Store Coorparoo

Coorparoo’s growth continued with the arrival of Red Hill’s renowned Craft Wine Store in August 2018. Owners Tony and Tanya Harper purposefully designed the space to differentiate aesthetically from its Red Hill counterpart, installing a centralised glass cold, room and tasting table, bucking the trend of most competitors. Much like Red Hill, Craft Wine Store Coorparoo offers a selection of craft beers, artisan spirits, biodynamic and hands-off wines, showcasing small producers and Queensland makers, and the two stores share the same knowledgable staff. Tony and Tanya aim to offer the suburb a selection that it doesn’t currently have access to, working to fine-tune the range to locals with as little cross over with nearby stores as possible. Craft Wine Store Coorparoo runs weekly tastings, and plans are in motion to use the rear carpark area for events and larger tastings incorporating food trucks, music and more.


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