Cork & Chroma

Much to our creative detriment, painting was something most of us left behind in high school art class. The artistic spark never truly dies, however, and Cork & Chroma is a brilliant paint and sip studio that encourages everyone to get back in touch with their artistic side. Hosting regular relaxed painting classes from its long-standing Montague Road hub, Cork & Chroma offers classes on the basic techniques behind painting with acrylics on canvas. That’s not all – the crew dial up the fun by encouraging lovers of art and wine to bring a bottle or two in hand and enjoy an evening of colourful creating. Each class includes art supplies and welcomes people of all artistic levels, and all wine preferences. Following a night at Cork & Chroma, you can take home your very own magnum opus and feel a little pride each time you pass by the mantle. In 2018, Cork & Chroma expanded its operations to include a pop-up location on Little Stanley Street in South Bank, offering more opportunities to put paint to canvas.


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