Cordelia Sourdough Bakery – Opening Soon

Last year saw a sharp spike in interest surrounding the art of sourdough making, with legions of budding bakers trying their hand at making a passable loaf in lockdown. Although we couldn’t get our attempts to rise to satisfactory levels, the team behind Superthing and NYC Bagel Deli had no such trouble. The purveyors of baked-goods (lead by Eddy Tice and Ania Kutek) will be expanding its portfolio earlier next year with new concept Cordelia Sourdough Bakehouse – a bakery dedicated to bready bliss. Intrigued by the idea of introducing Brisbane eaters to traditional European-style sourdoughs, Ania (who was born in Poland) and Eddy snagged a sun-dappled site at the base of the Opera on Cordelia apartment building in South Brisbane for the concept’s wholesale kitchen and retail space. The couple will be utilising three cultures to formulate its range of sourdoughs, including a 48-year-old culture sourced from Sydney, one culture imported from San Francisco and a newly developed culture of their own incorporating native ingredients like Kakadu plum. In addition to sourdough, Cordelia Sourdough Bakehouse will also serve bagels, milk buns, baguettes and doughnuts – each made from a sourdough culture. A selection of grab-and-go options will be available alongside coffee from Padre, smoothies and shakes. The space itself will boast a muted aesthetic comprised of raw concrete, stone and finished timber, with space inside and out for dine-in clientele. Cordelia Sourdough Bakehouse is slated for a mid-to-late-February opening – keep your eyes peeled for more on this one in 2022.


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