Cindy Chow’s Theatre & Cocktail Bar – Opening Soon

In the roaring 1920s, Shanghai was considered the Paris of the East, the New York of the West. The city was thriving economically, culturally and architecturally on the surface … but if you were to delve into the secret rooms, back alleys and underground parlours beneath, you’d uncover a heaving nightlife of lively libations and bewitching burlesque. One hundred years later, in the roaring 2020s, this underground culture is about to be revived (right down to the speakeasy secrecy) – here, in the heart of The Valley. A brand-new undisclosed location on Brunswick Street will soon become home to Cindy Chow’s Theatre & Cocktail Bar, thanks to seasoned nightlife aficionados Patrick Donohue and Justin Kong. Cindy Chow’s will fully embrace the clandestine culture of underground 1920s Shanghai, from the fit-out (think leather high chairs, jade-green tiles, an antique Chinese Lazy Susan table and a Chinese medicine cabinet-style back bar) through to its ten signature covert cocktails – one will be served as a book that, once opened, will reveal a concealed hip flask containing the cocktail – and selection of Asian-inspired bites. Where’s the theatre, you ask? On weekends, Cindy Chow’s will play host to burlesque dancers, to truly capture that Paris of the East vibe. Cindy Chow’s Theatre & Cocktail Bar is due to open in May this year – we’ll have full details then!


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