Chops’s Place

Those cruising down Lumley Street in Mount Gravatt may notice a collection of bikes and hot rods parked on the lawn of an old-fashioned shop space. Inside the southside store you’ll likely meet Chops, the owner of Chops’s Place and publisher of vintage chopper publication Dirty Love Magazine – who is very well versed in all things kustom kulture. Chops’s Place is a co-op that houses a large collection of kustom kulture wares by local makers and exclusive suppliers. The three large rooms display the store’s sizeable range of bike and hot rod parts and accessories, imported DVDs, tiki accessories, mens clothing and accessories, artworks, magazines, women’s pin-up style clothing, shoes and Mexican blankets, amongst other items. Once you’ve finished searching the racks, you can pick up a zine and enjoy a soda or hot drink at a table outside.


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