Chocolate Komberry Co.

Leigh Devlin is a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to doughnuts, mainly thanks to his work with The Doughnut Bar. Chocolate Komberry Co. is Leigh’s other venture – mobile doughnut dispensary (made from a converted kombi van) that takes delicious dessert options directly to the masses, popping up all over town and at popular foodie events such as Eat Street Markets. On offer at Chocolate Komberry Co. are burger-sized cronuts with 64 layers of Danish pastry in the flavours of Tim Tam, Oreo and peanut butter. The doughnut range consists of eight flavours with favourites including the Golden Gaytime, Nutella cheesecake and Mars Bar. Leigh’s latest offering is the milky bun, which puts a new twist on the classic doughnut buy stuffing homemade ice-cream inside the doughy goodness. The doughnut is re-sealed, meaning that the blue ice-cream with vanilla bean and crushed cookies is contained inside the warm doughnut. Be sure to follow Chocolate Komberry Co on Facebook or Instagram to see the latest concoctions and to track its whereabouts.


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