CheeseLane Food Truck

Remember the days when your heart would flutter with excitement when you saw the ice-cream truck rolling by? Well, that’s the same feeling we get when we see the bright yellow of CheeseLane Food Truck. Specialising in tasty toasties and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, CheeseLane Food Truck is certainly a sight for sore eyes on the Brisbane street-food scene. Each sandwich is made on artisan bread and is stuffed with locally sourced produce from choice Australian dairy farms. The menu offers up choices such as three-cheese toasties with aged cloth cheddar, gruyere and raclette, ham and cheese toasties with caramelised onion, fig and cheese open toasties, beef pastrami and cheese toasties, walnut and honey open toasties and crispy cheddar bites. Chewing through these bad boys is thirsty work. Thankfully CheeseLane Food Truck also serves freshly squeezed juices to wash down your feast. If you see CheeseLane Food Truck trundling through your neighbourhood, make sure you follow close behind.


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