Charlie’s Raw Squeeze

Sitting inside Everton Park’s 24-hour fresh produce market, Charlie’s Raw Squeeze is certainly embracing the market-to-mouth philosophy, turning the fruit and vegetables from the store into cold drinks, hearty salads and guilt-free desserts. The majority of the offerings are made in-house, boasting plenty of raw, vegan, organic, gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free options. Start the day with one of the famous Squeeze Bowls packed with fresh fruit and your choice of an acai, peanut butter or green blend, a cold-pressed juice or dairy-free smoothie, or swing by at lunch for a nutrient-rich salad or raw vegetarian taco. Those after a hit of sweetness will be satisfied by guilt-free treats like Nutri Hitt’s Top Deck Crunch slice, raw squeeze balls, vegan pumpkin muffins and dairy-free chia and cacao puddings made on coconut yoghurt.


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