Cafe de Soyt

Aside from the odd board game, most Brisbane cafes have kept the worlds of coffee and gaming separate. All of that has changed with the arrival of Cafe de Soyt – Brisbane’s first geek and gamer coffee house in the heart of Albion. Owned and operated by self-proclaimed coffee and gaming nut Eskabar Page, Cafe de Soyt pairs console games and board games with coffee and dessert – a match made in heaven. The cafe is situated in a newly renovated space at Soyt Window Tinting, and aims to be a family-friendly hangout spot to unwind and play at leisure. Boasting numerous television screens and countless console (and games to match), Eskabar has turned his own collection into a casual gaming mecca, with consoles ranging from Nintendo Entertainment Systems to Sony Playstation 4 and even Sega Dreamcast. Patrons are encouraged to linger and play to their heart’s content while enjoying delicious Dramanti coffee and a range of sweet treats including cheesecakes, tarts, brownies and muffins. Cafe de Soyt will be hosting specially themed events pertaining to gaming and pop-culture happenings – keep your eye on the Event Guide for dates and times.


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