Brooklyn Donut & Coffee Co.

If you ask us, few culinary combos go together as seamlessly as coffee and doughnuts. Good news for those of you who agree – serving pillowy treats and top-notch specialty coffee is the M.O. for Brooklyn Donut & Coffee Co. This sweet-treat haven is delivering an authentic product inspired by the doughnut and coffee scene of New York City. Located in the heart of Westfield Chermside’s bustling outdoor dining precinct, Brooklyn Donut & Coffee Co. is pumping out hundreds of freshly made treats daily. At any one time Brooklyn Donut & Coffee Co.’s cabinet is brimming with upwards of ten flavour options, ranging from original glazed and milk-chocolate coated doughnuts to specialty flavours such as New York cheesecake and The Big Apple. Iconic coffee brand Campos is supplying the good stuff, but you’d be wise to spare a thought for Brooklyn Donut & Coffee Co.’s selection of concoct your own mochas and hot chocolates, both of which are made from the finest Belgian chocolate.


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