Boroughs of New York

New York has a storied culinary lineage, but few items hold as much of a special place in the hearts of locals as the humble pizza. From the one-dollar slice to the heritage pizzerias across Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs, the scene is almost impossibly diverse. That being said, Boroughs of New York is delivering some inspired slices in the same vein as The Big Apple’s famed pizza joints. Situated inside Westfield Carindale, Boroughs of New York replicates the authentic flavours of New York, with close attention paid to dough, cheese and pizza sauce. Tomatoes are imported from the volcanic regions of Italy, while Italian fior di latte mozzarella is also used across Boroughs of New York’s pizzas. The menu includes more than a dozen incredible pizza varieties, from classic pepperoni to vegan margherita. The menu also includes delicious bites such as hickory-smoked beef ribs, beer-bettered onion rings, curly fries, salads, New York calzones and chilli-cheese hotdogs.


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