Black Sheep Coffee

Black Sheep Coffee has grown from a grass-roots roastery operation that sold at exclusively markets to one of Brisbane’s most popular coffee roasters and distributors. Since emerging as top-dog, Black Sheep have needed to match demand for their product so they opened a roastery in Woolloongabba which also houses a chic espresso bar. As well as offering a takeaway cuppa for movers and shakers on the go, Black Sheep also sell their freshly roasted beans which are typically distributed wholesale. Black Sheep serve not only your usual latte’s and espresso coffees but also serve iced varieties, chai and specialty coffees using different filter techniques such as syphon and pour over coffee which can be sampled on site. Every week, Black Sheep will be rotating their seasonal bean of the week – drop by and sample some of the high quality single origins on sale or take a seat and relax with a freshly brewed blend of your choice.


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