Beach House

Grey Street boasts a slice of natural living with its very own superfood and smoothie shack, Beach House. Selling fresh juices, coffee, shakes and dairy-free frozen yoghurt, Beach House is a fit and healthy pitstop for active movers and shakers or laid-back vibe seekers. With a large range of natural and organic ingredients, patrons can select the perfect booster to help them get a head start for the day. If you feel like you could use an early morning energy boost, stop by and try one of the Sunrise Brekkie Bowls and grab a lean Berry Protein shake to go. If you need something post gym workout, fuel up with some frozen yoghurt topped with your choice of nutri-boost. Although it might not be situated near the coast (unless you count Streets Beach), Beach House is the perfect spot to kick back and relax on a hot summer’s day and pretend that the waves are crashing nearby.


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