Bare Naked Bowls

When it comes to eating on the go, it’s all too easy to settle for something unhealthy because it’s convenient. Bare Naked Bowls is a wholesome pit-stop that is making eating right easy and convenient for all comers. The brainchild of health-food lovers Josh and Ashley Porteous, Bare Naked Bowls was launched as a way to inform diners in the ways of nutritious diet and lifestyle habits, and encourage everyone to make the shift to in superfood and organic consumption. Bare Naked Bowls at Toowong is a handy dispensary of everything you need to feel great inside, from superfood smoothies and acai bowls to super toast and energising coffee. If you’re keen to kickstart your morning with something hearty or need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, Bare Naked Bowls has got the goods you’re seeking.


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