Baos Pop Bistro

Located in the back streets of South Brisbane, Baos Pop Bistro is a laid-back and informal eatery and bar specialises in share-style eats informed by traditional Shanghai and Chinese cuisine, with traces of Japanese, Korean and Thai cooking added into the mix. As the name attests, the signature menu item at Baos Pop Bistro is, well, baos. These baos closely resemble dumplings, with a crispy exterior stuffed to bursting point with an assortment of fillings including truffle chicken, pork, beef and vegetables. The rest of the menu includes tasters like battered and fried Korean-style cauliflower, fried tiger prawn, pork and tofu sandwiches, five-star sashimi tuna salads and mains like stir-fried flank steak, tea-smoked half duck with plum sauce, house-made dan dan noodles and mushroom rice with garlic chips. Pairing perfectly with any combination of morsels is Baos Pop Bistro’s beverage selection, which include Australian craft beer from Mountain Goat, Green Beacon, Brouhaha and 3 Ravens, as well as a curated selection of red and white wines, organic sodas and juices.


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