Acai Brothers Paddington

You don’t need to be a nutritionist to understand the appeal of acai. Not only is it good for your insides, it tastes great and goes with just about any fruit combination you’d care to eat it with. The team at Acai Brothers know this fact better than anyone – they’ve made a foodie empire based around bringing the best out of the innocuous berry! The Acai Brothers franchise has grown by leaps and bounds since beginning in 2015 – opening up stores across Brisbane and interstate. Paddington welcomed its own Acai Brothers spot with open arms in 2016, with locals champing a the bit to get their hands on the popular range of acai bowls, nutrient-packed smoothies, healthy juices and raw treats. If you need an extra boost, Acai Brothers Paddington is also a great spot for a tasty coffee. If you have the urge to do something good for your health, pay a visit to the Acai Brothers and let them enlighten you to the benefits of acai.


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