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Tête de Bois

One need only look to the haute couture runways and the creations of Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones to know that the right piece of headwear can be an outfit’s defining factor.

Andrea Deppieri, an Italian architect and fashion designer, has taken the idea of sculptural headwear to an entirely different realm, designing a collection of wearable art known as Tête de Bois. Bringing together the worlds of architecture, industrial design and fashion, the unique range of wooden hats explores a truly original concept in headwear. Adjustable and surprisingly comfortable, the Tête de Bois collection features several different styles, including the flat-cap inspired ‘Corleone’, the ‘Castro’ (which cuts a silhouette similar to the ever-present headwear of a certain Cuban dictator), and the baseball-cap-style ‘Yankee’, among others. Each style is available in two different wood finishes – tanganika and mahogany – with the design inspiration coming from the architectural element of wooden-slatted sun-shading structures.

Harbouring an insatiable curiosity for life and an obsession for detail, Andrea’s personal philosophy is to observe, absorb and exchange. The young Italian designer views creativity and rationality as two sides of the same coin, synthesising them in each of his groundbreaking creations. Andrea initially began his design career in architecture before shifting his focus to the world of fashion. Collaborating with brands such as Diesel, Ralph Lauren and Benetton, Andrea applied his creative eye to packaging, shop windows, and interior and furniture design for the brands. In 2012, he founded the design office Newton & Son, inspired by the graphic design studio established by his father in 1986.