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Sweet Alchemy

Just like scientists, architects continually explore and experiment, but in the field of construction. Using ever-evolving approaches to design, they test universally accepted theories and question the likes of gravity and the definition of shelter. The blending of the worlds of architecture and science is no more celebrated than in the scientific aesthetic of patisserie Sweet Alchemy in Athens. Designed for famous Greek pastry chef Stelios Parliaros by architectural firm Kois Associated Architects, the shop merges practicality with a whimsical interior reminiscent of a laboratory. When designing the food destination, the architects were inspired by the mythological, the mysterious and the transition from one reality to the next – all evident in the innovative approach to a boutique food store that sells sweet cakes and desserts. Renowned for its creative and modern approach to design, the firm favours crisp lines and precise curves to distort and shape impressive forms of functionality. In the case of Sweet Alchemy, the counters are formed by strong curves and a use of smooth but complex materials – iron, bronze, copper and wood blends are used to add texture and character but not overwhelm the sleek space. Accompanying the cool interiors is a sleek bronze-shelving grid that lines the walls and displays a multitude of wares. Line upon line of oversized jars display sugary treats like chocolate and colourful confectionery. Nearby are stacked towers of perspex boxes, each displaying delicate pastries and intricate cake creations, as if awaiting dissection.