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Succulent Study

For those of us yet to master the elusive art of greenthumbing, the guilt of accidentally killing a plant can be all too much. Fortunately, the existence of succulents – the most carefree of house plants – allows many novice gardeners develop their skills with minimal casualties. Photographer Becca Ewing pays tribute to this particular type of greenery with her series, Succulent Study. Having recently moved to Austin, Texas, after living most of her life in the midwestern United States, Becca was fascinated by the plethora of succulents and cacti that grew naturally in the surroundings of her new home city. She was especially intrigued by the fact that they could survive on almost no water at all (or, alternatively, be condemned to death by overwatering). Becca began collecting small varieties of succulents in her Austin apartment, observing and photographing their different personalities for Succulent Study. An inveterate traveller, Becca has spent the past few years wandering the globe, camera in hand, learning invaluable lessons in culture, food and hospitality from each of the places she visited. Immersing herself in the culture of places like Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China and India (where she taught photography to kids), Becca began to form her own perspective on the world, which in turn influenced her approach to photography.