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Synonymous with new life, a small seedling captures a sense of youthful exuberance; forever straining, racing itself eagerly upwards and outwards towards new opportunities awaiting. Be it a new garden shoot or a tiny flower unfurling, new life follows no rules, but rather continually strives to survive and to thrive. Harnessing the playful and dramatic nature of the natural world, a unique garden design in Barcelona defies all rules associated with cultivating a healthy patch of greenery. Firstly, this is a garden that calls a fashion boutique home. Secondly, rather than springing from the ground like a usual garden bed, this creation grows vertically up and down walls. Housed within fashion label Replay’s store in Barcelona, the two-storey vertical garden design infuses the retail space with a spectacular sense of scale. A verdant brainchild of Swedish landscape architect Michael Hellgren, the garden project is designed to transform outdoor and indoor environments into spaces that challenge preconceptions, ideas and visual storytelling. Michael’s vertical garden is complemented by interior architect Roberto Baccioni’s inspiration, and together their visions come to life in a colourful, refreshing and rule-bending creation. Stretching skywards to almost 100 sqm, the Replay vertical garden is adorned with waterfalls, exposed rock and a bewildering tangle of plants. Growing, rising and twisting in a display of organised environmental chaos, the greenery dances between delicate fern fronds, strong striking begonias and sprawling vines. Devised in two parts, the space includes an interior garden at the front of the store, and an outdoor patio vertical garden towards the back of the boutique.