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Neil Craver Photography

From the gentle ripples of a river to the hypnotising rhythm of waves lapping at the shore of a beach, nature has a peaceful intensity that is innately captivating. With its seductive charm, a clear lake beckons the curious to surrender to the heady forces of nature and take a dip in its cool, crisp water. As the serene feeling of weightlessness takes hold while floating through the water, the natural emotional connection we all share with nature is fortified. Through his underwater photographs entitled Underwater Nude Rock Quarry Series, photographer Neil Craver hopes to establish a deep emotional connection with his audience. Neil began his art career as a painter and sculptor, but was drawn to photography for its ability to communicate the basic foundations of existence. Just as a gentle current can unknowingly drag you out to sea, the underwater series of photographs looks at the powerful effects that unconscious elements can have upon people’s lives. The elements in each photo were deliberately chosen to reinforce the theme, with decaying forests representing lost memories and high horizon lines denoting the vast power of the subconscious. The nude subjects at the heart of each image further underpin the vulnerable response that is felt when contemplating each image and the power of the subconscious state. Through his photographs, Neil aims to encourage people to open themselves up to new information and ideas, and to really consider their sense of self-identity. On an even larger scale, Neil hopes that, by bypassing the subconscious, society will move towards a state where informed awareness will create greater understanding and tolerance.