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Lords South Beach Hotel

When 19th-century German poet Christian Morgenstern declared that “Home is not where you live, but where they understand you,” he captured the essence of successful hospitality. While the sprawling beaches of Florida are a world away from the life of a 19th-century Bavarian wordsmith, the welcoming vibes pulsating off the sandy beaches and lively streets of Miami are an ideal backdrop for a home away from home. Lords South Beach Hotel in Miami Beach is leading the pack when it comes to advancements in gay travel. Proudly coining itself ‘appropriately oriented’, the hotel’s main focal point is to make guests feel at home, amidst a dazzling display of architectural and design feats. Sporting a delightfully all-year-round summery aesthetic, the hotel’s design features bold white and yellow hues, contrasted with vibrant splashes of striking artworks, sleek furniture and quirky bar features. Visitors can prop up poolside and recline in designer grandeur in a chic cabana, or relax in palatial splendour in one of the vibrant penthouse suites. Fusing just the right amount of kitsch charm with beachside frivolity, the hotel offers a smorgasbord of casual socialising, with its glamorous in-house bars dotted with retro-style furniture and stylish design. Visitors who are fortunate enough to pass through the hospitable doors of Lords Beach Hotel are sure to feel an overwhelming sense of peace, tranquillity, and fun, where every whim and desire is anticipated. And with services such as the intriguingly named ‘Stay Naked Dining’, hypo-allergenic pillows and remote checkout, this cutting-edge locale doesn’t shy away from pushing the boundaries.