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Ice Cream Concept Parlour

Scanning the shelves of the supermarket, we are often greeted with an array of products that are pre-washed, pre-cut or pre-cooked. Ready-made products have become the norm for many foods that we eat but, as a result, people give less consideration to where their food is coming from, what it is made from and how it is produced. Aiming to highlight our diminishing relationship with food and our reliance on ready-made products, London-based designer Ploenpit Nittaramorn has created the Ice Cream Concept Parlour. The concept looks to create a model strategy for introducing people to a new appreciation of eating, creatively educating them on the process of making food. Focusing on a common ready-to-eat food – ice-cream – the Concept Parlour invites people to appreciate the process by making their own ice-cream at home. The Parlour comes fully equipped with all the necessary tools, including wooden spades, a fruit crusher, and a frozen marble board. After mixing cream, sugar, milk and a desired flavour together, the ingredients are to be poured on the frozen marble slab and churned by hand using the wooden spades. In a matter of minutes, the cold surface freezes the mixture, producing the much-loved icy treat. To serve, the kit also comes with a serving cone glass, stirrer and spoon. As well as gaining a better understanding of the food process, the creator will also have the thrill of experimenting with flavours and impressing guests with their culinary prowess. Through the experiential design of the project, Ploenpit aims to enrich people’s interaction with food, and inspire them to invest the time to make a more informed choice when it comes to grocery buying.