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House Vision

The residents of the early 20th century may have found it difficult to envision the houses we live in today. Equally, our own housing possibilities of the future currently exist only as creative seeds in architects’ imaginations. Fuelling such thought, the House Vision exhibition in Tokyo sought to bring together some of Japan’s prolific architects and capture their own radical visions for the dwellings of the future.

Amongst the revolutionary projects was a bathroom concept from Naruse Inokuma Architects, which tackled the issues of the garden and the bathroom. While not usually linked, both elements are important considerations for high-density living. In addition to collaborating with renowned Japanese toilet maker TOTO, the architecture firm also enlisted the help of flower artist Azuma Makoto. For the House Vision bathroom project, Azuma created walls swathed in lush vegetation, imbuing the grooming space with a sense of nature and tranquillity, as well as privacy. Nestled amongst the greenery, bathroom fixtures such as the sink and toilet appear almost like artefacts that have been uncovered from within an overgrown garden.

The bathroom also features a glass floor with vegetation underneath, creating the sense of being completely surrounded by a garden. Azuma’s experimental creations, comprising flowers and plants, aim to increase the existential value of plants. His method is to discover the mysterious personas of such greenery and convert them into artistic expression.