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With the ethos of creating mindful design for the abode, as well as life in general, Danielle ReId and her husband Rob founded independent design store, Folklore. An edited selection of homewares, furniture, lighting, art and lifestyle goods perches upon the aesthetically pleasing shelves of Folklore’s Islington outpost in London, all of which are created with care and made to last.

The items within the shrewdly curated collection are each created in an environmentally mindful manner, from handmade, antique and recycled or found goods, to those made to be easily recycled. Folklore has also recently launched online, at, meaning that aesthetes worldwide can now get their hands on ‘authentic, enduring goods’ (as Danielle describes them) that will be eternally loved and treasured. Folklore has also collaborated on exclusive furniture pieces with a number of leading designers, including Soren Rose Studio in Copenhagen and Hendzel+Hunt in London.