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Casa del Agua

The sight of raindrops tumbling from the sky was an occurrence that would send us as children running outside to play in its saturating glory. And one of the greatest pleasures was when we’d turn our face skywards, stick out our tongue and try to drink the fresh rainwater.

Granted, this experience is one we should still partake in at least once in a while as adults, but there’s now a more refined way to enjoy the cooling elixir of rainwater. Casa del Agua in Mexico City has exalted the concept of drinking rainwater to the level of the connoisseur. The artisan bar is dedicated to celebrating water as the essential lifeblood of our ecosystem and serving it in its most pure state. Collecting, distilling and ‘harmonising’ rainwater on-site, Casa del Agua uses a process of filtration, evaporation and condensation, before rematerialising and ionising the liquid in order to enhance its antioxidant properties. The water is then stored in eco-friendly recyclable glass bottles with ceramic stoppers to ensure that it remains untainted after the purification process.

The locale itself reflects the nostalgia of the traditional processes that inspired the Casa del Agua venture. Designed by Héctor Esrawe in collaboration with Ignacio Cadena, the interiors feature tactile wood and brick textures with minimalist achromatic accents, and revellers can enjoy their rainwater infusions at the bar or on the terrace outside. In addition to the beverage itself, the branding of Casa del Agua is equally as palatable, featuring vintage black-and-white graphics that act as a nod to the old-world traditions that imbue its philosophy.