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Azucar, Veracruz, Mexico

The word ‘bungalow’ evokes feelings of relaxation at its mere uttering – a subtle allusion to a life of simplicity, tranquil carefree days and starry nights where worries are few and happiness abounds. Twenty such bungalows compose Mexican paradise hotel, Azucar, nestled on the coast of Veracruz, the oldest and largest port in Mexico. A member of the Design Hotels Group, the locale was conceived by hip hotelier Carlos Couturier, the creative connoisseur behind some of Mexico’s coolest boutique hotels. His aesthetic vision for Azucar (meaning ‘sugar’, named for the sugarcane grown in the area) was simple: anti-design and back to basics. Each of the 20 low-slung bungalows feature a refreshing achromatic colour palette with thatched roofs. Spend your days lazing about in the sun-kissed open- air public spaces, which include the biblioteca (a library lined with wicker seating) or the luxurious designated yoga space. Or settle back for an afternoon nap in your locally made hammock on your private terrace overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. And in the evenings, indulge in the pleasure of the establishment’s culinary offerings, including fresh seafood, before falling asleep to the gentle rustle of palm trees dancing in warm Caribbean breezes.