Trevor Ashley, performer, I'm Every Woman

You can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter!

Known as one of the busiest men in showbiz, Trevor Ashley is a shining light in the world of live performance, cabaret and theatre. Let’s not forget his fabulous alter ego, Trashley. Having starred in major productions like Les Miserables, Priscilla Queen of The Desert – The Musical, and Gentlemen Prefer Blokes, his career has led him to perform in New York, London and across Asia in shows both as himself and in a dazzling array of characters and impersonations. We caught up with Trevor ahead of the performance of his latest stage show, I’m Every Woman, which premiers on October 7 as part of The Arts Centre Gold Coast’s Glitter Festival 2016.

We’re told of a four-piece band and one incredibly hard-working wind machine – now we’re intrigued. What else can we expect in I’m Every Woman?
I’m Every Woman is what I like to call my Diva Degustation – I play all the famous divas you would expect a drag queen to love, from Bette Midler to Cher, Tina Turner to Judy Garland and of course Shirley Bassey! They sing their most famous songs, and some that you wouldn’t expect them to!

How do you wind down after such fabulously energetic shows?
It’s very hard! There’s 90 minutes of costume changes, wig changes and about 20 songs … so I generally wind down with a few quiet (and some not so quiet) wines!

You’ve just returned from doing Liza’s Back (is broken) in London after fair chunk of time playing Thénardier in the Australian revival of Les Miserables – were you itching to put the heels back on again?
It was fabulous to get back to doing Miss Liza Minnelli! I’ve missed her. Of course the last time I had done her was actually for Glitter Festival last year, and was halfway through Les Miserables at that time, so it was a rather weird combination of shows that weekend. Though, it was wonderful to be back in the sequins after the dirt! I did a week of shows in London and then flew straight back and did two weeks of Liza in Sydney with a cough that I caught on the plane, so the day after my show was over, my voice decided it had enough! All is fine now though – I promise!

You write, direct, perform and produce, you’re an arranger, orchestrator and recording artist, you sell out shows and attract rave reviews – how do you fit it all into a day? Because it certainly won’t all fit on a business card.
Haha! It’s never, ever dull. I try and do as many things as I possibly can within a week, but often ONE particular skill takes up a big chunk of it.

What’s the rest of 2016 got in store for Trevor and the dazzling alter ego, Trashley?
I’m (Trevor) directing Mack and Mabel in Sydney for the Hayes Theatre Co, plus Trashley has a bunch of one-off shows – oh, and about one million Christmas parties!

Let’s talk wigs and wine – do you prefer yourself as blonde or brunette, and are you a sauv blanc or cab sav person?
I prefer myself blonde as a girl, brunette as a boy! As for wine – sauv blanc all the way!

What’s a normal Sunday morning for you?
Recovering usually. Then a bloody Mary.

What are some words of wisdom that you live by?
You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter!

You can catch Trevor’s show I’m Every Woman at The Arts Centre Gold Coast’s Glitter Festival on Friday October 7. Tickets are available here.  


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