Marloe Morgan, ceramicist

Stay passionate, hungry, work hard and good things will come to you.

Chances are you’ve probably eaten a meal off one of Marloe Morgan’s ceramic creations without even knowing it. After taking the plunge to pursue her passion full-time, Marloe is turning heads across the country’s culinary scene with her unique bespoke ceramic tableware. With the humble plate no longer considered merely a vessel for food, the Gold Coast local and master ceramicist is taking custom orders from some of Australia’s top restaurants and cafes, as more and more people gain appreciation for ceramic wares as a functional piece of art. Marloe’s passion and hard work shines through each and every piece she creates – and despite having some of the industry’s biggest names on her client list, she remains incredibly humble. The enthusiasm she has for her craft is contagious and her modesty is inspiring. Marloe took time out from her busy Currumbin warehouse to chat about the wonderful world of ceramics.

We’ll take it back a little – tell us about how you got into the world of ceramics and how did Marloe Morgan Ceramics come about?
In my previous life I worked for a long time within the hospitality industry for some of the Gold Coast’s top restaurants. This is where I discovered my passion for food. Being an avid lover of the creative industries I moved into the fashion industry as a stylist. I wanted to pursue something that was a little more for me and something that I could tie both my design and love of food together. Ceramics seemed like a perfect fit and Marloe Morgan Ceramics was born. 

You’re doing a bunch of awesome collaborations with some of the country’s most prominent restaurants and cafes – how does it feel to have your name stamped on these pieces?
It’s a very humbling experience to get to work with some of the clients we are currently working with.  The Australian culinary scene continues to raise the bar on an international scale and we feel very proud and privileged to be a part of that.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt on this journey so far?
Nothing comes without hard work and never stop learning.

Where do you draw inspiration from for these custom/bespoke collections?
The coastal lifestyle we lead here on the East Coast is a huge inspiration for me. It’s reflected in our typically fresh and light colour palettes. Similarly, our silhouettes draw inspiration from the ingredients intended to be placed on them.

It’s certainly a very physical, hands-on industry and your work requires a lot of time, attention and intricacy – how do you stay motivated on a daily basis?
I try to stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle so I have the energy to dedicate to my work.  And my passion for our vision definitely keeps me motivated.

What was the very first piece you made?
A really bad pinch pot (which I still own).  I think it’s important to stay connected to where we’ve come from.

What is your proudest achievement so far?
My proudest achievement would have to be turning my passion into a viable business.  We are very proud of the clients we are working with on a daily basis. To know our clients are happy with our products means everything to our team.

Tell us, what’s your idea of complete happiness?
Working really hard so we can enjoy and spend quality time creating memories with family and friends.

What’s in the pipeline for Marloe Morgan Ceramics in 2017? What ceramic trends are you predicting?
We are committed to staying in our own lane so we don’t follow trends as such. In saying that, we are loving olive green, light grey and soft pink at the moment. We have a few projects in the pipeline for 2017 – one is that we are currently developing a tableware range that will be more accessible to sit alongside our bespoke service. We are super excited to grow and take on new challenges.

Finally, what words of wisdom do you live by?
Stay passionate, hungry, work hard and good things will come to you.


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