Joe Avati, comedian

Thankfully, as you get older and wiser in this business, you know how to make a joke funnier ...

Comedian Joe Avati has been selling out shows across the world, with his unique take on Italian-Australian life providing pasta-fuelled belly-laughs to the stand-up comedy crowds. This month, Joe is in town with his latest show Straight Outta Compo, starring renowned comedian George Kapiniaris and the guys from Here Come The Habibs and Fat Pizza, Rob Shehadi and ‘Tahir’, which is set to be a jam-packed with sketches, songs and plenty of surprises. We caught up with Joe ahead of his performance at Jupiters Gold Coast to chat about the new show, clean jokes, and getting a little too relaxed back stage.

You’re bringing your Straight Outta Compo show to Jupiters Gold Coast on March 25. Fill us in a little about the story behind this new live stage show? What can we expect on the night?
It’s a play on words out of Straight Outta Compton the move, but since wogs were known for going on compo, we thought it would be a great name for a show. The show will include stand up comedy, songs, sketches and a few surprises!

You’ve teamed up with Tahir, Rob Shehadi and George Kapiniaris for this. We’d love to be a fly on the wall backstage with you lot. What’s it like working with these guys again?
We have been working together for years, and as the years go by, we become more comfortable with one another. That’s a great thing because creatively we have an amazing output. On the other hand, being so comfortable means that if one of the boys feels like they need to let out some air, they just let it rip. It’s not good.

Are there any pre-show rituals or antics before you hit the stage?
We generally do our own thing. Being a wog show, food is pretty much high on the list so we usually eat together before the show, discuss any changes and give each other feedback. It’s a great touring family. This style of show means that we have to be at the venue early, we are very busy up until dinner – then we eat, then it’s showtime.

You’ve been in this industry for some time now, and continue to sell out shows and stand-up tours across Australia and the rest of the world. How do you manage to continually develop fresh ideas and new materials?
Thankfully, as you get older and wiser in this business, you know how to make a joke funnier. I have pages and pages of ideas which I put out to my fans on social media, or we have a writing session with one of the other guys in the show. Our worlds are ever-changing and it’s a great way to make comparisons between the life we had as teenagers and the life kids have today!

Let’s take it back a little – when was your (very) first stand-up gig, and what was it like?
It was at Sydney’s Original Comedy Store in Petersham. I actually got laughs on my first night, so it didn’t scare me off, it gave me impetus to keep going. Interestingly enough, my content was very rude, which is strange because now I work completely clean!

Joe Avati stars in the new comedy stage show Straight Outta Compo, which hits the stage at Jupiters Gold Coast on March 25, 2017. Jump over here for tickets.


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