Erin Norden, Clean Beauty Market

People these days have some level of awareness about ingredients in beauty products and they are really interested in learning more ...

The world of cosmetics is a wild and wonderful place. As a talented makeup artist, Sydney native Erin Norden used to work amongst some of the biggest brands in the industry. That is until she started to question what she was putting on her own face and body. Fast forward to now and she is fresh off the back of opening the Gold Coast’s first non-toxic and cruelty-free beauty emporium, the Clean Beauty Market, which is providing a natural alternative to mainstream makeup and cosmetic products. We caught up with Erin for a chat about making the switch and why we should give a damn about what we lather on our bodies.

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself! How did you first get into the into the beauty and makeup industry?
I’d always wanted to be a makeup artist, I went to university first and then once I had finished my degree I then went on to study make up. I then worked in retail for one of the big cosmetics houses which was some of the best experience as I was doing make up all day every day! I then decided to go out on my own and start freelancing.

What first sparked your passion in ‘clean’ beauty?
I started to question the safety of what I was putting on my client’s faces and felt compelled to explore further. When I fell pregnant with my daughter I really started to make a conscious effort to learn more and switch the products in my kit to cleaner options. I’ve never looked back and have had no reason to – the products perform just as well if not better and are healthier all round.

For the uninitiated, why would someone make the switch from say top-end conventional beauty products to ‘clean’ beauty products? Basically, why should we give a damn?
Gone are the days where the only natural makeup and skincare you could find was at the health food store and lacklustre. Our all-clean products are quality, high performing, luxe, glam and healthier for you, your skin and the environment. More to the question I think is why would anyone not want to make the switch. Aside from looking better, we’re saving our body from toxic and carcinogenic ingredients and buying ethical products that are cruelty free.

Do you find it challenging to educate people on this?
No, not at all! People these days, I think, do have some level of awareness about ingredients in beauty products and they are really interested in learning more. Often, they have been thinking about switching or wanting to but are just unsure of where to start.

What’s your go-to product that you’ll always have in your handbag?
I always have a nourishing lip product – at the moment I am loving the Clove and Hallow lip glaze which gives a hint of colour and a bit of shine without the stickiness.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
My parents always told me – the harder you work the luckier you get.

Perk-up …   Canvas Espresso – a coconut milk latte doesn’t go astray!
Relax … 
My bed, with a good read.
Dine …  
Be inspired … 
Actually, at our store. It’s so fulfilling to educate and impress our customers with our clean products and inspires me to keep on this path.


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