Dan and Sally Robbie, Nourishing by Sally

Do one thing and do it well ...

This is Dan and Sally Robbie. Just so you know, they are brother and sister (not husband and wife #awkward). These are the two faces behind the plant-based sweets company Nourishing by Sally. Chances are you’ve seen the pair’s delicious and incredibly colourful raw cakes in the sweets cabinet of a fair chunk of Gold Coast cafes. The Dunedin-born honourary Gold Coasters are slowly but surely building a nutritional empire, as health-conscious foodies continue to demand guilt-free treats over sugar-laden delights. It’s always pretty inspiring to see fresh-faced locals giving it a red-hot go in an industry that is often dominated by big business, so we thought it was time to roll out the faces behind this quiet achiever. 

Let’s take things back a bit. A career making cakes and sweets is pretty darn rad – tell us us how Nourishing by Sally first came to life?
Sally: Nourishing come to life after attempting to make my Instagram page look ‘pretty’. I started the company originally with a premix baking kit after seeing a gap in the market for health food baking mixes. I was using the mix to make cakes, and people and cafes started to ask for them. When I took the dive and quit my job, I had to make money – so I said yes and started making and selling cakes.

What was it that originally sparked the passion in the world of raw food and the health-food industry?
Sally: The passion for health foods started when I was working at a local health food store. Baking was always a huge passion, however hated the feeling of eating full sugary treats so started experimenting with healthier options.

What inspires you both?
Dan: Motivational speakers and cake makers … we look at cake pictures all day, every day!

It’s not every day you come across brother-and-sister business owners! What was life like for you guys growing up – was there much sibling rivalry?
Sally: We are lucky enough to get along really well, now and while we were growing up. We are both passionate about food and cooking, so having the common ground means we always have something to talk about and get excited over!
Dan: Not to say while growing up we didn’t have the usual punch up or sibling fights!

How have you seen the Gold Coast community’s response and attitude toward raw foods change over the past few years?
Sally: We have seen a massive change. When we first started, raw foods were not so common – now every cafe wants to offer that option to their customers because of higher demand.                   

Who or what has been your biggest influence?
Dan: We are lucky to be surrounded with a very influencing family all ’round, they always motivate and push us to do our best. Also many pastry chefs and others in the industry doing an awesome job.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Sally: Do one thing and do it well – don’t worry about what others are doing. Be and do you!

What can we expect from Nourishing by Sally in the next 12 months?
Dan: In the next 12 months we would love our cakes to be offered Australia wide. We are always working on the next step. At this stage we are working hard on our new menu which will be ready to launch next week.

What’s your all-time favourite cake creation?
Sally: The chocolate cake gets me every time
Dan: Our salted caramel slice!


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