Brett Rosengreen, performer, Club Briefs

I still get nervous. If I didn't get nervous, it would mean I've lost the love for it ...

Whilst we’re all ‘locals’ here, born-and-bred Gold Coasters are hard to come by these days. We’re going to go right ahead and assume that the lack of GC natives is because Gold Coast folk are just flat-out super talented and are subsequently snapped up by other states and countries. That’s the (unsubstantiated) truth and we’re sticking to it. People like respected dancer, choreographer and artistic director Brett Rosengreen add weight to our claims. He was born in Southport and grew up in Benowa, before his talents took him to the bright lights on London and beyond. Sporting a CV glittered with names like Rihanna, JayZ and Elton John, Brett is one of the coast’s busiest talent exports, and next week he’ll be taking the stage on the Gold Coast for the first time in many years when circus-style cabaret show
Club Briefs arrives at Miami Marketta. We had a chat to Brett about what to expect from the saucy new show and where it all began.

You’re a Gold Coast local and you’re also one of the busiest international exports in the industry – were you always destined for a career on stage? Was it a clear path to where you are today?
I always loved to perform. I was always dancing around the lounge room at home! I remember mum putting the music on for me when I was really young. I ended up with a scholarship to the Australian Film & Television Academy when I was 15. I went to dance class for a couple of years before that, but my mum and dad broke up and I couldn’t go –  then I won the scholarship and had two and a half years with the academy, which was great. By the end of that two and a half years, straight after high school, I got my first job at the age of 18 in Monte Carlo. I grew up in Benowa, but I left a long time ago, I lived in London for 11 years, Sydney in six years before that, so I’ve travelled around a lot!

You’ve had quite the colourful career, performing across the globe on stage with the likes of Rihanna and Jay Z, Elton John, Madonna, Seal, Coldplay, and so many more huge names. What drew you to make the recent shift to join the Club Briefs season?
I was a commercial dancer my whole life in London, which was mainly film and TV. Then, I fell into doing burlesque about four years ago. When Club Briefs would come to London they would get me in as a guest, then when I moved back home they asked me to come on the road with them for this season.

A commercial dancer, touring with major artists, cabaret and burlesque with Club Briefs (and more). Where would you say is your happy place?

While I am at home on stage, I feel like the creative side of things is my happiest place. When I am creating something new, like a new act, I love the design aspect, the lighting, the choreography, designing costumes – that would be my happy place even more so than being on stage.

You’re back on the Gold Coast for four nights when much-anticipated cabaret show Club Briefs hits the Miami Marketta stage. It’s the first time the coast has seen this show – what we can expect?
It’s a raucous, trashy-circus kind of night, with comedic drag, male burlesque, circus, acrobatics – it’s just a lot of fun!

This season of Club Briefs has toured London’s West End, then Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne before finishing up on the Gold Coast. For you, do you feel like the show evolves and adapts from city to city?
Totally, yes! But it’s mainly because every stage is so different to the last, which changes the show and the audience overall. So, every time we do a bump in, we have to re-stage it, re-block it and it’s totally different feel. We went from London, to a huge stage in Perth, then in Adelaide we were in this old church, then in Melbourne we’re at the Entertainment Centre, then on the Gold Coast, we’re at Miami Marketta – so every show is, like, really different from the last.

Is there a little extra thrill (or perhaps nerves – do you still get nervous?) for you when you’re hitting the stage in your own home town?

Yes! I’ve been away for so long, my family haven’t seen me perform for a long time! And there are friends that I haven’t seen for close to 20 years that are coming to see me, which is both exciting and nerving – even more so that doing a show in front of a massive audience, because it’s the people you grew up with and that you’re close to, and you always want to impress them and make them proud. In the smaller venues, I’m even more nervous than performing to a huge crowd in London. Though, if I didn’t get nervous, it would mean I’ve lost the love for it.

Tell us, what words of wisdom do you live by?

Be passionate about what you do – that’s when you’re really going to succeed. You’ve got to love what you do.

Club Briefs
 is landing at Miami Marketta for four nights only from Thursday March 27 until Sunday March 31. Tickets are selling fast! Head here for more information.


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