The Pastry Emporium Mermaid

The Pastry Emporium Mermaid Beach is the second notch in the belt of owner and super-talented pastry chef Adrian Grazioli, who opened the patisserie’s first venue in Bundall back in 2014. Speaking of notches in belts – you’ll want to free up a couple before stepping into this sweet space, because it’s jam-packed full of everything from custard-filled doughnuts, colourful macarons and cookies, to hand-rolled croissants, fruit danishes and endless rows of petite and whole cakes. There are fresh-baked baguettes, rye and sourdough loaves available to take home, plus a range of housemade pies, bacon and egg brioche rolls, cheesy croque monsieurs and savoury pastries that are sure to keep you (and your stomach) well and truly satisfied. Nothing goes better with pastries and sweets than coffee – so you’ll be happy to know that Merlo brews pump out from 7:00 am every day.


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