The Gin Parlour & Infusion Bar

The Gin Parlour & Infusion Bar is a dedicated gin bar located in street-food laneway Miami Marketta. Here you’ll find more than 90 small-batch gins on offer, alongside a series of infused spirits like jalapeno-infused vodka (hell0), and local beers and wines. A visit to The Gin Parlour is best kicked off with one of the gin tasting boards, which are served with Fever Tree tonics and paired condiments like fresh-cut citrus fruits, rosemary and star anise. You’ll certainly need more than a few visits to work your way through this extensive collection of gin, which showcases batches from boutique Australian distilleries (green ant-infused gin, anyone?) as well as gins sourced from international distilleries in London, Sweden, Chicago, Germany and northern Italy. From there you can move into cocktail territory, where you’ll find classics from martinis to negronis and a limoncello-heavy Tom Collins. The Gin Parlour opens every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with its Thursday-night trade to feature live jazz music, full table service and food menus from street-food stalls The Italian Job and Double T Mexican.


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