SOMM Wine Store

SOMM Wine Store is a sommelier-owned space devoted to showcasing small-scale wine producers that focus on sustainable farming and low-intervention winemaking from Australia and abroad. The striking new cellar is here to help you navigate the world of wine in the most enjoyable way possible – whether your hankering is for a punchy pet-nat or sipping a sparkling rosé in the sunshine. SOMM Wine Store proudly displays its inventory on open shelves with owners Joe and Natalie alongside their equally as knowledgeable staff ready to greet you and gently guide you in the right direction. SOMM’s inventory packs a punch with plenty of hard-to-find bottles from mum-and-dad makers alongside world-renowned wines. The range is primarily Australian with a heavy focus on Queensland wines with some international bottles to round out the selection. The vast range is presided over personally by Joe, who has worked in wine distribution and importing for almost 20 years, so suffice to say he knows a thing or two about really excellent drops. Both he and Natalie, who are of Italian descent, are infectiously passionate about food pairings and have spent a considerable amount of time travelling around Europe and Australia with a wine in hand. Joe and Natalie have big plans for the small space, which includes free tastings every Saturday (once current restrictions ease) as well as classes and short courses down the track.


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