Social Espresso

If you spend the vast majority of your day thinking about, drinking and talking about coffee, you’re in good company, no, great company at Social Espresso. Tucked away on Fremantle Street in Burleigh’s industrial corridor, Social Espresso started as a small batch coffee roasters operating out of a small takeaway window and has recently taken over the whole warehouse space to create a place for fellow coffee lovers to sink into a comfy couch and enjoy their morning caffeine injection amongst friends. The welcoming space is dedicated almost exclusively to coffee with three different blends on offer but if you are feeling a little peckish, there is a small selection of raw treats and the occasional baked good to devour. Social Espresso’s signature house blend, Voyager, is designed to work equally as well served black or with milk and is intentionally smooth and uncomplicated, something Mitch (the man behind the machine) has worked pretty hard to achieve. If it’s just too damn hot for a latte, try the cold brew on coconut water for a deliciously refreshing alternative to your standard selection. If you take your morning coffee seriously, Social Espresso is well worth the detour off Burleigh Connection Road however you can also find it at a number of cafes from Hastings Point to Brisbane including Baskk, Devocean and KARTEL ESPRESSO BAR, to name a few.


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