Skewers is an Indonesian street-food eatery, serving a share-food menu that is highlighted by (you guessed it) delicious skewers!  An open charcoal grill (similar to a Japanese robata grill) is used to perfect these street-style delicacies, which sees tender meats like lamb, chicken, beef and pork marinated in mouth-watering sauces before being charred and served with sides like pineapple pickle and rice. Don’t fret if meat isn’t your thing – you can much on crispy-tofu or all-vegetable skewers, and sneak in a few cheeky vegetarian spring rolls while you’re at it. If you’re up for a feast, then the street-food platters will be your go-to and feature all of the skewers plus delicious additions like pan-fried beef pockets, crispy fried chicken drumsticks and piping-hot dumplings. No Indonesian feast is complete without a Bintang beer – grab them ice-cold by the bucket and tuck in.


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