Despite the implication by the name, the only thing singing at Seren8 will be your tastebuds when you bite into some Arancini balls filled with gooey cheese and mushroom and crispy skin pork belly. The varied menu is bursting with modern Australian classics such as seared sea scallops and salted chilli and coconut calamari with a few exotic exceptions by way of Wonton prawns and Mediterranean lamb skewers. If all of that food has you feeling weary, an espresso martini made with Belvedere vodka, Kahlua and freshly brewed Cre8ive coffee will perk you right up or, if you’re craving a little something sweet, the Toblerone cocktail is basically dessert in a glass. Seren8 is open from early morning through to late at night and caters to all whims and cravings. Swing by on Sunday lunch for $10 eats and cheap cocktails.


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