Scott’s Luncheonette & Bar

If you’re fond of top-notch tipples, sensational sandwiches and really excellent coffee – go ahead and make haste to Scott’s Luncheonette & Bar in Palm Beach. The venue is the first Gold Coast venture from award-winning mixologist and booze pioneer Perry Scott, who has shaken and stirred sips for some pretty famous faces around the world throughout his 20-year hospo career. The quaint 42-seat, all-white venue has taken over the former Luka’s Fish and Chips on the Gold Coast Highway and let’s get one thing crystal clear, when we say sandwiches, we’re not talking about a slather of Vegemite between two slices – we’re talking gourmet stacks that are crafted from the base up. Quell morning cravings with The Brekky Sanga, featuring a hefty serve of scrambled eggs, hash brown, spinach and cheese – add bacon and brown sauce or grilled halloumi for a little something extra. From 10:00 am, the line-up gets a little more extensive with more to wrap your mitts around ranging from chicken with coconut-and-ginger chilli jam through to the Mexican Pork, which is piled high with eight-hour slow-cooked pork, pickled red onion, salsa, crushed corn chips, crumbled feta and Oaxaca cheese. As the day drifts into evening, the menu pivots once again to feature tapas-style plates alongside charcuterie and cheese platters. As for the drinkables, there’s cold-pressed juices, brews from Veneziano Coffee Roasters and a fun and ever-changing selection of wine ranging from punchy pet-nats to chilled reds with a contingent of biodynamic, organic and Australian vino. The cocktails, or Scottails as they’re called here, offers a succinct range of easy-to-drink selections such as Mimosa Du Jour and Garibaldi, which is a low-alcohol, Campari-based sip that is perfect for brunch.


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