Sabor Brasil

As our passports continue to gather dust, Sabor Brasil is bringing an authentic Brazilian dining experience to the beachside strip of Nobby Beach. Translated to mean flavour, Sabor Brasil promises to transport your senses to South America, from the fare to the traditional samba music spilling out into the street. The extensive menu features both the traditional names alongside an English translation and is envisioned as the kind of place you can sit for the arvo sipping and snacking, before tackling something a little more substantial when the pangs of hunger hit. The cassava fries are an excellent place to start, and if you’re in the mood for meat – the Picanha do Nato ao Molho Quatro Queijos (steak with four-cheese sauce), is a must-try! The Prato Feito (Brazilian set meal) is also a solid staple of any Brazilian restaurant and is served with your choice of steak, chicken or vegan enchiladas. When it comes to the drinks, there’s a selection of tastebud-tingling cocktails, but if you’re after the true dining experience, Cachaça is where it’s at. On Sundays in Imbé, the old men would gather around the bar drinking Cachaça, also known as Pinga (no, not the illegal kind), Brazil’s national spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice. Try it straight up from a shot glass, or muddled with lime and sugar (that’s the Caipirinha cocktail, in case you were wondering) – is kind of like Brazil’s version of a margarita. Sabor Brasil is a little taste of Rio right here on the Gold Coast Highway, no passport required.


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