Ribs and Rumps

If you love nothing more than sinking your teeth into mouthwateringly tender ribs or sliding your knife into a succulent, perfectly cooked steak, then make tracks to Ribs and Rumps at Marina Mirage. The aptly named venue is all about satisfying that primal urge to devour an entire rack of ribs with no remorse whatsoever. In fact, that kind of piggish behaviour is encouraged and even celebrated with a colossal Man vs. Meat Challenge, which includes three kilograms of meat in under 30 minutes and is definitely not for the faint hearted. But we digress, available by the half kilogram or full kilogram, the venue’s signature ribs are slow cooked in a secret basting and then flame grilled for a little extra flavour kick. If meat sweats ain’t your thing, there are some seriously delicious chicken and seafood options as well as meat-free selections for the non-carnivorous folk. Perfectly positioned overlooking the water, Ribs and Rumps provides the ideal backdrop to kick back with a beer and a burger or go all out with a cheeky rack of ribs to yourself. No one would judge you.



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