Percy’s Corner

Housed in a hole-in-the-wall corner within the Gold Coast’s original ambulance station, Percy’s Corner in Southport cures caffeine cravings with its specialty coffee. Whether your penchant is for a punchy, flavourful espresso, a sweet icy cold-drip or a refined well-rounded pour-over, the fine folks at Percy’s can indulge your whim. Sydney’s Single Origin Roasters delivers the house blend, which is sourced directly from farms around the world, however the cafe’s point of difference, they say, is in the process – a process where quality is passionately pursued through every step of coffee production, from farm to cup. The staff members behind the coffee machine at Percy’s are as particular about the way that each cup is brewed as they are about its presentation on your table and the music playing on the stereo. Whilst the focus is on its myriad of coffee combinations, Percy’s also offers a rotating menu that includes rustic lunch bagels and daily pastries and sweets.


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