Oh My Waffle

Take this is as your first and only warning – this joint is diet busting. Got it? So, when you first walk into Oh My Waffle, you’ll be hit with a mesmerising aroma – it’s an enchanting combination of chocolate, icing sugar, marshmallows and ice-cream, balanced out with the smell of simmering butter. Golden waffles are the hero here and come in a sweet series of flavour combinations like the Alice in Waffleland topped with crushed Oreos, Oreo cream and ice-cream, and the Blame It On The Berry smothered with mixed berries, custard and ice-cream. Don’t do animal products? No sweat – there are coconut ice-cream topped vegan waffles, too. The menu also features a bunch of crazy shakes and loaded hot chocolates. Coffee is about as savoury as it gets here.


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