Nightjar is a hidden bar located in the Justin’s Lane alleyway in Burleigh Heads. The rad Sailor Jerry-style artwork dotted throughout adds a little bit of sass to Nightjar’s otherwise grungy, raw and dimly lit interior. There’s an intentional super-casual vibe, and there’s no dress code. The bar is heavy on the classic cocktails, so expect all of the OGs like pina coladas, long island iced teas, margaritas, mojitos, martinis, gin collins’ and mint juleps. If you’re a whisky drinker or like to jazz it up with spiced rum, gin or tequila, then you’re in the right place.  Just like its sibling Soho Place, Nightjar doesn’t have a kitchen – so, no food. If you’re a serial snacker, don’t fret, because Nightjar has teamed up with local restaurants Tom Ugly’s, Wahoos and fish and chippery Red Hot Cod to create a small food menu, exclusive to Nightjar. So, revellers can order off the menu up at the bar, and it’ll be delivered to you before you’ve finished your first whisky highball.

Nightjar opens on Friday October 6.


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